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updating your home

Are you feeling a bit bored with your current house? Are you getting the itch to make a change and buy something new? For some, buying a home right now is not an option. While waiting for the right time, you may need to make the most of your current living situation.  Read on to learn about small, budget friendly changes you can make to your house to give it an appealing face lift.

  •  Sometimes all it takes to energize a space is to change the color on the walls. Painting is a simple  way to update and offers you the most bang for your buck. To do this, first, define the mood you       would like to achieve in a givenspace. Certain colors will invoke certain feelings. Next, take  stock of key elements in a room such as the type of flooring, materialof furniture, as well as the color of other focal points in the room. Lastly, go to your favorite home improvement store to pick up a few small samples. Put the samples on the wall and live with them for a couple of days to see if you truly like the color. With only $100 you can change the feeling and look of a room.

  • Many homes have the builder installed brass door handles. Change out door handles to a more up-to-date material like satin nickel or bronze. Changing cabinet handles, or installing new ones are wonderful as well. New door handles and cabinet handles instantly breath new life into a home.

  • The same can also be said for kitchen and bathroom faucets. For under $100 a fixture, dated faucets can be spruced up.

  • Nothing makes a kitchen more comfortable and inviting than under or over cabinet lighting. Not only is the lighting beautiful, but it casts more light on the counters as well as adds depth to a space.

These little updates will not only make you feel excited about your home again, but when you are ready to sell, the changes will also work in your favor.These updates are extremely attractive to buyers and can instantly set your home apart from others on the market. And while you patiently wait for the right time to sell and buy again, you will have the benefit of personally enjoying these lovely renovations.

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